Future Development

Future Development

In public sector, the focus is on:

  • Hike internal working level of promotion and enhance across-unit integration as well as solve problems of insufficient human resources and difficulties in implementing tasks.

  • Solve problems about unclear demand for map data by various agencies and unavailability of needed maps.

  • Enhance capabilities of national land surveying and mapping center.

  • Strengthen standardization of GIS data and supply mechanism across agencies.

  • Solve problems about delay in establishing databases due to unstable and insufficient funds arising from year-by-year budgeting.

  • Keep minimizing duplication of setting up the same databases by different agencies to prevent waste of resources.

  • Offer a mechanism for encouraging the private sector`s participation in NGIS.

In private sector, the focus is on:

  • Improve quality of and pricing for government-produced NGIS data to increase the private sector¡¦s willingness for value-added application.

  • Examine existing policies to draw up plans to boost development of Taiwan¡¦s GIS industry.

  • Clearly define the roles of industries, the government and the academic field in development of NGIS.