Organization and Missions

Organization and Missions

National Development Council(the former Council for Economic Planning and Development) under the former Executive Yuan led the National Geographic Information System Steering Committee (NGISSC) in 2006 and has actively assisted in integration, communication and negotiation among various government agencies. A draft of a 10-year NGIS Establishment and Promotion project was completed and passed on July 9, 2007. NGISSC has made efforts to boost development of GIS, research in improving geographic information related technologies and growth of Taiwan’s GIS industry for enhancing international market competitiveness. Nine working groups have established nine major databases, that is, Natural Environment Database, Natural Resources and Ecological Database, Environmental Quality Database, Social Economic Database, Transportation Network Database, Land Information Database, Land Administration Database, Public Utility Database and Topographic Database, to produce digital maps. In order to specify consistent standards as criteria for each working group to establish a major database, the Information Center under the Ministry of the Interior organized a Data Warehousing and Standards team responsible for setting up criteria for data warehousing and standards of data format. In order for development toward value-added application, NGISSC adjusted organization of NGIS. In addition to the original nine major databases and Data Warehousing and Standards team, five more teams oriented to application were set up: Application of GIS to National Development and Planning, Development of Manpower and Technology, Industrial Application of GIS and Planning, Application of GIS to Disaster Prevention and Relief, Application of GIS to Transportation and Tourism.

NGIS Organizational Chart

National Development Council

NGIS Steering Committee

Application - Oriented Team

Application of GIS to National Development and Planning Workgroup

Data Warehouse and Standard Working Group

Promotion of Talent and Technology Development Workgroup

Application of GIS to Disaster Prevention and Relief

Industrial Applications of GIS and Planning of GIS Workgroup Working Group

Application of GIS to Transportation and Tourism Workgroup

Application of GIS to Sustainability Assessment Workgroup

9 Major Spatial Databases

Land Administration Database

Public Utility Database

Transportation Network Database

Natural Resourcess and Ecological Database

Natural Environment Database

Social Economic Database

Land-use Planning Database

Basic Topographic Database

Environmental Quality Database