NGIS can enhance government agencies’ decision-making quality and administrative efficiency, with effectively integrated spatial information to help government agencies carry out management tasks and major public construction projects with high efficiency. The council designed the national infrastructure projects and established a national geographic information system to meet application needs from the central government. The government can thus adopt the system as a tool of computerized and scientific planning and analysis. The geographic information system can effectively record the real world onto its databases. All information on people, places and objects in the real world can be integrated into a complete geographic databank. As a result, optimal construction sites can be selected based on natural environment, human characteristics and distribution of existing facilities and potential environmental impact of alternative site selections can be simulated, resulting in a scientific and transparent process of decision-making.


  • Up-mind-down stream integration
  • Buildup and application of core/basic GIS data
  • Speed up GIS buildup and application
  • Promoting the GIS industry
  • Improvement plan:review and budget control